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Make Deserts Bloom: Intro to Entrepreneurship 

an online course + a lecture by Shani Zanescu

*due to COVID-19 all lectures and courses are offered via Zoom or F2F in Tel Aviv according to the Ministry of Health restrictions

David Ben-Gurion, 1st Prime Minister of Israel, urged his fellow Israelis to make the desert bloom. Israelis brought his vision to life, not only by inventing a revolutionary drip irrigation system that today is used to bring water to the most rural and deserted places in the world. They also made, "making deserts bloom" a state of mind, which is a key entrepreneurial practice - essential for any entrepreneur anywhere.

Growing from adversity, "making lemonade out of the lemons", or "making deserts bloom" - whichever approach works for you, we're living in a day and age where practicing entrepreneurship and understanding what it is all about is vital.

So what is entrepreneurship? What are key entrepreneurial characteristics? How startups begin? What is the difference between creativity and innovation? How can you bring more innovation into your life? And how the case of Israel becoming the Startup Nation can be a wonderful case study to all of that? 

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