current location:

Tel Aviv, Israel

also lived in:

Fort Worth, TX

The Hague,



favorite food:

Mexican Cuisine 

"Wherever you go, 
go with all of your heart"
- Confucius
I drink mine Americano, no milk,
no sugar...with a pastry on the side

Everyone has a story. Here's mine- 

It all started at the age of 16. I found myself starting college at Texas Christian University. That’s right, me – a Misgav raised teenager, at the great land of America. And so much Mexican food! Wow.

I think that was the first moment I realized how big the world was. HUGE. Not only because 'everything is bigger in Texas', but because during almost 5 years living there, I met hundreds of people from many countries and states. I then discovered, too, how much I love learning about different countries and cultures, their politics, their needs, and their connections to other countries in the world.  There are endless possibilities for collaborations.

I then returned to Israel, and was assigned to the International Affairs unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Oh, YES! I was much older than most soldiers as I postponed my service in order to complete my degree, so it was kind of like my first job. BEST FIRST JOB EVER. A month into it I knew deep in my heart: this is what I want to do. I learned there the very basic of planning, managing and accompanying delegations at all levels (work level to highest ranks and VIPs) and throughout, while preparing briefings, I learned so much about different countries. Above all, I started learning the value of initiating and maintaining strategic relations that led  to amazing collaborations. People are everything.

I then moved to the Netherlands, to work at the Israeli Embassy as the Assistant Defense Attaché and IDF Representative to the BENELUX, NATO and the European Union. I led the annual working plan between the countries and organizations, and operated the different programs, projects, and delegations from A-Z. From the vision and strategy planning to the successful implementation,  The other big part of my role was to initiate collaborations, build and maintain relationships, and make sure they all fit into our strategy. Even on cold snowy nights when all I wanted is pajamas and Netflix, there was no reception, event, dinner, or other social engagement unattended by me. I knew how much networking is crucial, especially for a country like Israel - and in the process I was fortunate to acquired lifelong friends, who were my colleagues, from all around the world.

After almost two years I decided to follow my heart back home, to Israel. I immediately started my Masters in the Executive Program in Diplomacy and National Security in Tel Aviv University. I also started working at the British Council, the organization leading the collaborations between the UK and 194 other countries around the world in the fields of science, culture, innovation and education. I was soon was promoted to lead the cross-office department. I centralized the entire Israel office activity while managing my team, alongside monitoring plans and KPI's and creating evaluation plans and marketing and communication strategies for the various programs. This role also required me to engage with many stakeholders from both the private and public sectors in Israel and in the UK, as well as with regional and global teams in the organizations.

I recently completed my role as Director of the Center for Israeli Innovation by Taglit in Tel Aviv - where I led the strategy, business development and overall operation, and was telling the story of the Start-Up Nation and connecting men and women from all around the world- government officials, diplomats, investors, business sector, special missions, NGO's and more - to the Israeli innovation ecosystem and fabulous local entrepreneurs.  At the Innovation Center, the visitors explored the best of Israeli tech and discover the amazing stories of the people who make the Start-Up Nation. 

These days - I am combining my passion and my professional experience, as my company provides tailor-made and high-hand facilitation of business delegations (investors from all around the world, government officials, and other VIPs) and events. Every visit is crafted strategy, love and care - connecting my clients to the most relevant entrepreneurs and key players in the Israeli Innovation ecosystem. I also give my talk on ''The Secret Sauce of the Start-Up Nation" or "Making Lemonade: from disastrous security situation to the Start-Up Nation". Lastly, I am happy to work on designated projects and empower the organizations and people in the private and public sectors.

Now, it's your turn. Let me know how I can help and let's meet for coffee!