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Shani Zanescu is the Founder & CEO of Isratech Ventures, connecting top-tier investors, government officials, executives, and private entities from all around the world to Israeli tech and innovation. 


For nearly a decade, she has been forming collaborations and partnerships between Israel and key players in the global arena through various business development roles and initiatives. Previously,  Shani was a Director of an Innovation Center, and also the Head of the Foreign Affairs Department of the British Council in Israel, leading collaborations in the fields of science and innovation.She was also the Assistant Defense Attaché at the Embassy of Israel in the Netherlands.


Shani holds a Master's in Diplomacy & National Security from Tel Aviv University’s Executive Program, and a Bachelor of Communications & Business from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

These days, she is also a lecturer for Principles of Entrepreneurship course at the College of Management Academic Studies. 


On January 2020, Shani was chosen by Forbes magazine to the ‘30 Under 30 Most Promising & Influential People of Israel’. 

She lives in Tel Aviv Israel near her favorite place - the beach, loves traveling, loves tech, and loves meeting new people with passion at heart and sparks in their eyes to what they do. 

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