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The Startup Formula: Made in Israel

by Shani Zanescu

*due to COVID-19 all lectures and courses are offered via Zoom or F2F in Tel Aviv according to the Ministry of Health restrictions

How has a small country in a region full of challenges, become the front-runner of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies? How have Israelis mastered the art of problem-solving and turned their small desert nation into a powerhouse of invention, with an unparalleled ecosystem of creativity and resourcefulness? What is the formula for a start-up’s success and a flourishing innovative ecosystem? And what can each and every one of us learn from the case of the ‘Start-up Nation’?  


Through this talk, we will unravel the key elements of the formula to successful start-ups, ecosystem ,and an entrepreneurial journey. We will explore facts, case studies, challenges, and personal stories from within the Israeli hi-tech industry that can be embraced by any venture-builder around the world.

“the informative and enjoyable debrief of Shani on how Israel became a “Startup Nation”, and why prospects for the country’s continued success in that regards are so bright; Shani’s brief had a high caliber content and an engaging delivery”

"Learning about the work of Isratech Ventures and the startup nation was both interesting and inspiring!"

California Commonwealth Club

" It was an incredibly enriching session that not only opened my eyes to Isratech as a company and Shani as an innovator and entrepreneur, but to the start-up/high-tech industry in Israel in general—an industry of which I maintained little knowledge about previously. Shani painted a holistic picture of the industry thus giving me a contextual basis of which to better understand Israel. I am thoroughly impressed"

Julia Reeves / Undergraduate Student / Cornell University

"It is always exciting to see what is next regarding Israeli Technology and Innovation. Shani Zanescu Of Isratech Ventures makes an excellent case on why Israel is the Startup Nation!"

John P. Diamond / Entrepreneur & Investor

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